16 Seater Executive Hire

16 Seater Executive Hire - Leamington Spa Minibus

Our 16-seater Leamington Spa minibus executive hires vehicles is the group transportation method of choice for corporate groups and other executives. These executive hire vehicles are in high demand for transferring conference delegates, for senior management teams to attend business meetings, for executive pick and drop as part of the daily commute, for executive corporate bonding exercise, for airport transfers, and a host of other purposes.

Our 16-seater executive hire vehicles offer the ultimate in luxury. The stately interiors and stylish exteriors perfectly suit corporate requirements and allow the group to make a powerful statement. Arriving in style, which our minibus affords, is essential to create a favourable impression, and helps to close deals from a position of strength.

Needless to say, all our Leamington Spa minibus executive hire vehicles have air-conditioning, music system, and a host of other accessories. As a matter of policy, we replace our vehicles once in six years or less, meaning your groups gets to travel on a new vehicle, with the latest accessories, and the latest safety features. We service our vehicles on a proactive basis and clean it thoroughly before the start of every trip.

The drivers who come with our 16-seater executive hire vehicles are thorough professionals. They not only have considerable experience but are also trained in customer care. They are locals, who know the area well.

16  Seater Executive  Minibus Hire Leamington

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