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Leamington Spa is a unique town in the UK since it gained its prominence thanks to the healing properties that were perceived to be in its naturally occurring waters. This is what brought about the '-spa' suffix. With the city's therapeutic spas attracting the rich and famous (including members of the Royal family) the town expanded to accommodate this huge influx of wealthy visitors.

Even in current times, the town still retains its reputation as being a spa town. Leamington Spa Minibus was started more than 20 years ago to cater for the transportation needs of large tour groups that wanted to enjoy what Leamington Spa has to offer as a destination. We offer a wide range of minibuses and coaches, and can even arrange a chauffeured tour through some of the most pleasant attractions within Leamington Spa.

There are many benefits to enjoying your trip with a minibus or coach from Leamington Spa Minibus. For starters, you and your tour group get to travel in a single vehicle. It is also much cheaper than any alternative that involved multiple smaller cars. This is especially true for groups that exceed 50 participants.

Some of the attractions that you and your tour group can enjoy when visiting Leamington Spa include:

  1. Spas and Bath Houses

It would be remiss for you to visit Leamington Spa and fail to sample some of its world-famous spas and baths. If you have any persistent skin conditions, then you might be pleasantly surprised at how effective the healing power of the naturally occurring water is.

  1. Parks and Nature Walks

If you want to enjoy a quiet picnic, a small walk or just a quiet moment within nature, then you should visit one of the parks that are accessible within Leamington Spa. More popular parks include:

  • The Jephson Gardens
  • Victoria Park
  • Ultron Fields Nature ReserveRestaurants, Bars and Other entertainment spots
  1. Restaurants, Bars and Other entertainment spots

Leamington town has been receiving thousands of visitors on a monthly basis for centuries, and the town has enough restaurant and entertainment spots for you, and your tour group to enjoy.

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